What to do with strawberries? Risotto!
Ricetta risotto con fragole

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What to eat for dinner? With the Italian website dedicated to risotto and its recipes, Risotto.us, let’s see what to do with strawberries and how to colour our dishes in a period when the rule is “stay at home”. Today we cook strawberries, the red fruit par excellence. We will make a nice strawberry risotto.


The health benefits of the strawberry

If you want to know about the health benefits of strawberry, firstly consider that strawberries are healthy foods that can improve your mood.

But where are strawberries grown? Even those who have not a green thumb, or worse who have not any spaces to grow strawberries from seeds such as a vegetable garden and garden, can try their hand at growing strawberry plants in a vase. Big or small, good or bad, you will be perfectly growing strawberries indoors! Strawberries are then colourful, refreshing and sweet.


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What to do with strawberries? Risotto!


Even just for the colour, it is worth trying a risotto with red fruits! Strawberries also have many properties and contains a range of important nutrients: for example, they are diuretic and purifying, they contain a lot of water and vitamins. But also calcium, iron and phosphorus. Regarding strawberry nutritional value, calories in strawberry are low and they satisfy your appetite, so they are ideal for those who follow a low-calorie diet or still want to pay attention to calories.

Finally, strawberries are healing: they can relieve the hassles of herpes on the lip (you have to lean on a slice), prevent plaque on the teeth and fight bad breath.

What to do with strawberries? Strawberry risotto

What to do with strawberries? Strawberry risotto can be made in two ways: in the classic recipe, you need to toast the rice, cook it by gradually adding vegetable broth, add strawberry puree and decorate your risotto after whisking the rice with butter and grated cheese.


strawberry risotto


Or you can try the recipe for strawberry risotto without vegetable broth: in this case, we only need hot water. The strawberries will be added into small pieces, pressing them lightly with a wooden spoon to let the juice flow out. And after whisking the rice, we will decorate the strawberry risotto with fresh strawberries. This is certainly the best way to enjoy the natural strawberry flavour. For a more romantic and sparkling idea for dinner, the risotto champagne and strawberries is certainly an evergreen among the recipes using strawberries, but that’s another story!

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