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Book your tailor-made experience with the best Italian food and wine Experts.

Italia Delight is the first italian food & wine marketplace where you can book and enjoy authentic food experiences directly with Italian food and wine professionals and companies.

Italia Delight Experiences

We select for you the best experiences! Experiences are food and wine activities offered by Italian Experts who are happy to talk about their work and welcome travellers.

Find your perfect food experience:

Tasting: the Expert will welcome you for a guided tour and introduce you to his work. You will learn the secretscraft techniques and history of his products. He will share this ancient knowledge that makes Italian food & wine culture so unique. The visit can be combined with a tasting.

Cooking classes: during this experience, our food & wine Expert will make you develop your skills. You will expand your knowledge and share his passion, his culture, his will to represent his own territory. It will be a unique holiday experience.

Escape: an experience that will refine your taste, will lead you to the discovery of a territory, will involve you in unusual activities with our Experts. You will enjoy a unique and immersive experience in the Italian food & wine culture.

Special: experience conceived and carried out by the Food Ambassadors and Media Partners of Italia Delight. It is carefully selected by our team to offer you itineraries that combine food & wine with local activities such as wine tasting with sommelier, cultural tours and much more.

Food Tour: food and wine tours in Italy created by the Local Experts of Italia Delight. These are foodie holidays and wine holidays designed and managed by tour operators carefully selected by our team to offer you an unforgettable food and wine trip to Italy: you can enjoy overnight stays in exclusive locations, winery tours, wine tasting tours, extra virgin olive oil tasting and much more… all with the tranquillity of private or group tours with attention to the smallest details for food holidays and weekends in the regions of Italy.


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Discover the unique taste of Italy

Italia Delight offers you experiences from one hour to several days. You can also choose experiences with overnight stay.

You will have the opportunity to discover the best Italian traditional foods: PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI products (Protected Geographical Indication), Slow Food Presidia.
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