Journey through the Tuscia between picturesque villages and regional food delicacies.   Tuscia is a borderland between Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany: it corresponds to the southern area of the ancient region known as Etruria. If once the term Tuscia meant the whole area dominated by the Etruscans, today with this word we refer above all

White truffle hunting in Italy: flavours, places and traditions   White truffle is a gastronomic excellence of Italy. With its unmistakable fragrance and aroma, it is so important that every year in autumn, between October and November, the International Alba White Truffle Fair is held in Piedmont. The white truffle hunting, carried out together with

Olive harvest in Sicily: a journey between nature and art…   Sicily is one of the Italian regions that offers many high quality raw materials. A land rich in colours, flavours and aromas: it boasts a very long history regarding the olive harvest, which takes place every year at the beginning of October. The olive

Between rice and blueberries, an experience in the heart of the rice fields   We are in Tornaco, in a unique place immersed in the rice-growing countryside of the lower Novarese area, on the border with Lomellina. Here a historic farm, the Vignarello Farmhouse, produces rice in the surrounding rice fields and many (but very

Italians on holiday: the purchase of local food as holiday souvenirs is a rapidly developing trend encouraged by the growing of opportunities for the enhancement of local specialities.   Nearly three out of four Italians on holiday (71%) at the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside during summer 2018 have chosen to visit olive oil mills, mountain huts, wineries, farms, “agriturismi” or farmers’ markets to

A fascinating trip to Italy on board of his blue Fiat 500 – Jasper sommelier’s point of view on Italian wine and food   Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jasper and I am what you call a “wine geek”. Since I was allowed to work with wine, I did. I made a study of