Gestures and traditions: Irene Di Liberto tells us about the importance of hand gestures for the Sicilians.   I remember that when I was a “picciridda” (a child), the most solemn weekly ritual for my family was Sunday lunch. We met during this particular moment of socialisation and chatted about this and that, talking and

Sicilian Cannoli between history and curiosity   Sicilian cannoli are a very popular dessert in Italy and in the world, but do we really know their history and origin? Irene Di Liberto, writer, poet and ambassador of the Academy of Sicilian Language tells us more about them. The dessert was defined “Tubus farinarius, dulcissimo, edulio

Orange mousse, a fresh, light dessert for any occasion   The days begin to get longer and even hotter. A fresh orange mousse can delight the palate of foodies and is a good compromise for those looking for something fancy, light and in line with the winter season. To prepare the orange mousse, prefer the most subtle and

An original recipe for your home-made bread. Two ingredients that are geographically distant but perfect in combination   Making bread at home can be challenging, but it is also an opportunity to travel between different countries, experimenting with unusual flavours and combinations. Flour, Finnish nettles and Sicilian dried tomatoes. The ingredients are all there to make a tasty home-made bread. When we start to

A journey to discover the excellence of Italian food and wine: Sicilian cheeses included in the Slow Food Presidia   Hello everyone! We are Roberta Lo Cascio and Laura Martino and together we have founded the Saporite blog, where we focus on discovering and sharing Italian food & wine treasures and in particular those of our region, Sicily. Sicily is one of