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If you want to enjoy the good weather, a picnic in the park is perfect! Here you can find many delicious picnic recipes

With the Italian website dedicated to risotto and rice recipes, Risotto.us, let’s see how to use rice and how to bring risotto in your picnic recipes, a solution chosen by many restaurants to reopen in the post-Covid-19 Phase 2. In addition to table service, in fact, many restaurants and farmhouses that have large green spaces provide a picnic basket to be consumed during your picnic in the park inside the property on outdoor tables or sitting in the orchards.

Rice salads

The good weather is arriving and there are many recipes with rice salad that are perfect for your picnic in the park. In picnic recipes, traditional recipes do not exist: you can certainly use pickles, tuna, hard-boiled eggs and ham. Depending on the ingredients and the rice variety you choose, however, there are more exotic versions for your picnic in the park, such as the black rice salad with avocado and salmon, or the more oriental ones, which recall the cold version of Cantonese rice.

picnic recipes

In picnic recipes, both the simplest recipes, such as the rice salad with potatoes and ham, and those in the marine version such as the rice & sea salad with tomato, mussels, baby octopus and shrimp work very well.
In general, for your picnic in the park the advice is to use long and aromatic rice, or wholemeal pigmented rice or the more traditional superfine rice: in this way, the rice will keep the right consistency for as long as you will taste your picnic recipes.

Rice bakes and Rice timballo

Rice bakes and rice timballo are the most comfortable way to bring risotto in summer picnic recipes. Obviously the traditional preparation of risotto does not lend itself to be eaten after a few hours, so using leftovers risotto in these picnic recipes is the best solution to have a nice picnic in the park. A rice timballo is made with a cooled risotto, recomposed and compacted in a mould. All stuffed with other ingredients, such as sauces, meatballs, etc. and finished cooking in the oven. Once you get a crispy surface crust, it’s ready for your picnic in the park!

Italian rice croquettes

Another way to bring risotto into your picnic recipes is to use it to make Italian rice croquettes (flavoured as you prefer if made from scratch or with the “taste” of the re-used risotto).

Italian rice croquettes

In general, a mixture of egg and Parmigiano Reggiano should be added to the leftover risotto in order to obtain a consistency that allows making small balls. To transform them into Italian rice croquettes, simply pass them in beaten egg and then in breadcrumbs, then fry them in hot oil until they are golden brown. In this way, your risotto will remain perfect until you open your picnic basket during your picnic in the park!

picnic in the park

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