Italian Sushi Recipes and Sushi Filling Ideas
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Italian sushi is popular and pretty unconventional. Let’s find out how to make the best sushi recipes and Italian sushi filling at home!


How do you make sushi at home? It is easy to make sushi on your own! You just need to know how to choose the right rice variety, combine it with local sushi ingredients and know how to use rice according to its characteristics.

With, the website dedicated to Italian risotto and rice, with about 400 online recipes and a convenient search engine by ingredient, we will see some sushi roll fillings and great sushi recipes.

For your Italian-style sushi roll ideas, the advice is always to use rice varieties with a small and round grain like Originario rice or Balilla rice. Many Italian producers have reintroduced sushi rice in their rice fields! In fact, these small and round rice varieties are traditional Italian varieties because they have been used in soups and desserts since the Middle Ages.

A curiosity about the Japanese art of sushi making that is so popular today: sushi was invented as a method of preserving fish. Probably already from the Protohistory, sushi was used to ferment and store fish, wrapped in rice and salt. The technique then evolved with the addition of rice vinegar, which gives the dish a very recognisable flavour.

Sushi recipes have recently become popular in Italy, so that Italian food lovers have introduced many local ingredients for homemade sushi to their Italian-style sushi recipes.


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All varieties of sushi rice are very sticky after cooking, so you need to wet your hands in water and rice vinegar to be able to handle them. This is the aspect that makes the round grain rice varieties perfect for the best sushi recipes, due to their release of starch. First we have to boil the sushi rice in slightly acidulated water or boil the sushi rice in water and prepare a bittersweet syrup aside, to be combined with dry rice at the end of cooking. Normally the syrup is prepared with rice vinegar, sugar and salt (heating it until the sugar has dissolved).

The most complicated aspect of making our sushi recipe (but you just have to learn it!) is making homemade sushi rolls. When using seaweed for your sushi roll recipes (there are also many local variations, such as cabbage or lettuce leaf) it is easier to cut the chunks without the roll being undone. We must spread sushi rice on a film, compacting it; then arrange the sushi ingredients cut into sticks; finally roll up with the help of the cling film and leave to rest in the fridge. For cutting, even the blade of the knife, well sharpened, must be wetted in acidulated water.


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Italian Sushi filling ideas & Sushi Recipes

Are you looking for original and simple sushi fillings to make sushi at home? Here you can find some basic sushi ideas for your Piedmontese or Lombard homemade sushi! With raw peppers and anchovies, with cream of beans and salami or even with raw beef meat seasoned with oil and rocket salad. But in Italy, you can also find some delicious sushi fillings with boiled asparagus, scrambled eggs and mayonnaise or even aubergine cream and mint. Do you love strong flavours in your sushi fillings? Try the smoked goose breast. Do you want to be more traditional? Salmon, avocado and fish eggs are perfect for your Italian-style recipe for sushi.

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