Olive harvest in Sicily: a journey between nature and art…   Sicily is one of the Italian regions that offers many high quality raw materials. A land rich in colours, flavours and aromas: it boasts a very long history regarding the olive harvest, which takes place every year at the beginning of October. The olive

Let’s discover together properties and tasty recipes based on rice and pumpkin, two delicious seasonal products…   September is the month when rice is harvested, but also the period when the first pumpkins are harvested, so it will not be difficult to taste a pumpkin risotto these days. Here is the recipe! If among the

The first market exhibition dedicated to rare Italian cured meats will take place on Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December 2019   Salum’è is the market show designed to promote and enhance high-quality Italian cured meats in the Roman area. The event, at its first edition, is part of a tested format that sees

There are many rice varieties in Italy. Let’s find out more about Italian rice and sensory analysis of rice   How many rice varieties exist? In Italy? And in the world? The starting point is undoubtably to learn more about the two main rice varieties, indica and japonica rice: the first one with a long

Gestures and traditions: Irene Di Liberto tells us about the importance of hand gestures for the Sicilians.   I remember that when I was a “picciridda” (a child), the most solemn weekly ritual for my family was Sunday lunch. We met during this particular moment of socialisation and chatted about this and that, talking and

Rice and carrots are a perfect match for summer. Discover with us their properties and a tasty recipe!   Whether you eat it in the form of risotto, rice salad, dessert or sushi, rice is certainly an important resource for health. Rice contains abundant potassium and is low in sodium, so it is very suitable

Between rice and blueberries, an experience in the heart of the rice fields   We are in Tornaco, in a unique place immersed in the rice-growing countryside of the lower Novarese area, on the border with Lomellina. Here a historic farm, the Vignarello Farmhouse, produces rice in the surrounding rice fields and many (but very

Sicilian Cannoli between history and curiosity   Sicilian cannoli are a very popular dessert in Italy and in the world, but do we really know their history and origin? Irene Di Liberto, writer, poet and ambassador of the Academy of Sicilian Language tells us more about them. The dessert was defined “Tubus farinarius, dulcissimo, edulio

It is the main dish in the Milanese culinary tradition, an icon of gastronomic art, famous throughout the world: the Milanese risotto   History and legend mix together in a dish like its ingredients to give life to what is considered the symbol of Milanese culinary art and tradition: the Milanese risotto. The origins of

Orange mousse, a fresh, light dessert for any occasion   The days begin to get longer and even hotter. A fresh orange mousse can delight the palate of foodies and is a good compromise for those looking for something fancy, light and in line with the winter season. To prepare the orange mousse, prefer the most subtle and