Pistachio, a delight for the palate to be enjoyed on your next trip to Sicily!   Pistachio, Bronte’s green gold, represents a great economic resource for Sicily. Much of the credit goes to the locals, who have been able to discover the real value of the kernels, enhancing their flavour and use. The Bronte Pistachio

Matera: an open-air show!   Matera is an amazing city in Southern Italy that can be called an “open-air show”. Its particular shape makes it an enchanted scenery, so much that it is compared to a beautiful nativity scene. The urban centre, in fact, developed around natural caves carved into the rock. Nothing can be

Ivrea: where it is located, its origins, the ancient and the industrial city   Ivrea is a town located at the foot of the Alps in Piedmont. It has been considered as the capital of Canavese, a territorial area north of Turin, since ancient times. Ivrea is a town rich in history. In fact, it

Detox diet after the holidays? Get back in shape with the celery risotto!   They call it “negative low-calorie food”, since the calories taken by eating it are consumed with the energy used to chew and digest it. Celery, a winter vegetable, is therefore perfect for a light and detox risotto, as recommended by Risotto.us,

Let’s discover the original tagliatelle recipe and the local variations!   Tagliatelle are one of the most popular pasta dishes in Italy. They are a traditional type of pasta from central Italy and owe their name to the shape: they are in fact narrow strips of cut pasta. According to the legend, this type of

The best Italian Christmas desserts you need to try in the most wonderful time of the year!   Christmas desserts are an integral part of Christmas tradition in many countries. Italy offers a wide range of Christmas desserts, both artisanal and industrial, all characterised by local ingredients and by the oldest recipes handed down from

Trentino wines are made from the greatest passion for viticulture…   Thanks to the local climate and the vineyards that stretch from the Lake Garda to the Cembra Valley, Trentino grows incomparable native wine grapes. The area on which the production of local wine is extended is rather restricted, but nevertheless it is possible to

Risotto with broccoli, a tasty and healthy recipe for autumn!   Broccoli, or rather the “broccoli cabbage”, along with the whole large Cabbage family, the Cruciferae (including the cabbage, turnip tops, cauliflower, Roman broccoli – the so-called “broccolo romanesco”- and Brussels sprouts) is definitely an autumn vegetable. The combination with rice and, in particular, the

What is Parmigiano Reggiano? Parmigiano Reggiano is a hard cheese that is made with three simple ingredients: raw milk, calf rennet and salt. The milk cannot be subjected to heat treatments and additives are not allowed. All the milk introduced into the dairy must comply with the Production Regulation. One of its most interesting peculiarities

Journey through the Tuscia between picturesque villages and regional food delicacies.   Tuscia is a borderland between Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany: it corresponds to the southern area of the ancient region known as Etruria. If once the term Tuscia meant the whole area dominated by the Etruscans, today with this word we refer above all