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How Mozzarella is made: A Journey through Italian Cheese Tradition

How to make mozzarella

La mozzarella is one of the best-loved and most representative cheeses of theItaly all over the world. Its soft texture and delicate flavour make it a versatile ingredient, perfect for enriching a wide range of dishes. But have you ever wondered how it is produced this dairy delicacy? Let's find out together, through a journey that will take us from the green Italian countryside to your table.

The Origin of Milk: Between Buffaloes and Cows

The production of mozzarella starts with the choice of milk, a fundamental element that determines its taste and quality. There are mainly two types of mozzarella depending on the milk used: the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDOproduced exclusively from buffalo milk, and the cow's milk mozzarellawhich is especially widespread outside Campania.

Le hoaxes, allevate principalmente nelle regioni del Sud Italia, come Campania, Lazio e ApuliaThey graze freely in the lush meadows, feeding on fresh grasses that give the milk its unique characteristics. Care and attention in the rearing of these animals are essential to obtain a high quality product.

Coagulation: The First Step in the Creation of Mozzarella

The milk, once collected, is brought to temperature and added to rennet, an enzyme that promotes coagulation. This process transforms the milk into a solid mass, called curd, and a liquid, whey. The curd is then cut into small pieces to facilitate the release of the whey, at a stage known as breaking.

Spinning: The Art of Shaping Mozzarella

The next phase is the spinningthe heart of the production process. The curd is immersed in hot water and worked vigorously until it becomes elastic and homogenous. It is at this moment that the cheesemaker, with expert movements, forms the mozzarella, giving it that soft, stringy texture we love so much.

The Brine: The Final Touch

Once formed, the mozzarellas are immersed in a solution of water and salt, brine, which aids preservation and enhances the flavour. After a few hours in the brine, the mozzarella is ready to be enjoyed, bringing the authentic flavour of traditional Italian cheese-making to your table.

From Tradition to the Table

Mozzarella production is an art that has been handed down for generations, an ancient knowledge that combines passion, dedication and respect for the nature. Whether from buffalo or cow, mozzarella is a pillar of the Mediterranean diet, capable of conquering palates all over the world with its simplicity and goodness.

Visit a cheese factory on your next trip to Italy to witness this fascinating process live and, why not, to taste a freshly made mozzarella. And remember, mozzarella is just the beginning: Italy is a treasure trove of dairy excellence to explore and love.

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Eating mozzarella means savouring a piece of history e culture italiana, un viaggio gastronomico che inizia nelle campagne e termina nella gioia di un piatto condiviso. È la testimonianza di come, anche attraverso i gesti semplici della produzione alimentare, possa esprimersi un patrimonio di tradizione e innovazione che l’Italia conserva gelosamente e condivide con orgoglio.

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