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Cancellation Request

We are sorry that you are considering leaving Italia Delight

Before you leave us you should know...

Understanding where information comes from online is crucial. On Italia Delight, the cards in the free version are automatically generated through a scraper that collects data already available on Google My Business tabs. This process uses specialised software that replicates the information in a new tab on our site. This information is public domainwhich reflect the existing digital presence of your restaurant.

However, we respect the wishes of each business and if you wish not to appear on Italia Delight, we provide a simple and straightforward method for deletion. By filling out the request form, entering the tab link of your restaurant and using averifiable email associated with your activity, we can authenticate your identity and proceed with the removal of your file from our site.

Transparency and control over your information is a priority for us. We guarantee fast and respectful action to ensure that your business is represented online in accordance with your wishes.

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