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Italy's Best Budget Summer Destinations

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Costa dei Trabocchi, province of Chieti, Abruzzo Italy.
Costa dei Trabocchi, province of Chieti, Abruzzo Italy.

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Italy is one of the most fascinating and varied destinations in the world. From golden beaches to majestic mountains, historic villages to vibrant cities of art, there is something for everyone. But not every holiday has to empty your wallet. In this article, we explore the best budget destinations for the summer in Italyguaranteeing you an unforgettable trip without spending a fortune.

Apulia: Sea, History and Tradition

La Apulia is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and economies of Italy. Located in the heel of the boot, it offers a variety of landscapes and experiences that satisfy every type of traveller. The region is famous for its breathtaking beaches, historic villages and delicious cuisine reflecting the richness of the land and sea.

Polignano a Mare and the Charm of the Mediterranean

One of the jewels of Apulia is Polignano a Marea town perched on cliffs overlooking a crystal-clear sea. This picturesque village is famous for its sea caves and the charming historic centrewhere narrow alleys wind their way between white houses and flower-decked balconies. Here, the Lama Monachile beach offers postcard-perfect scenery with its turquoise waters framed by high cliffs. In the evening, seaside restaurants offer fresh fish specialities accompanied by local wines such as Primitivo and Negroamaro.

Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Italy
Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Italy

Lecce: The Florence of the South

Lecceknown as the Florence of the South, is a city that enchants with its baroque heritage. Its streets are an open-air museum, where you can admire majestic churches such as the Basilica di Santa Croce and the Duomo di Lecce, with their richly decorated façades. Strolling through the centre, one can discover elegant squares such as Piazza Sant'Oronzo and hidden corners that tell the city's thousand-year history. Lecce is also a vibrant cultural centre, with numerous events and festivals enlivening the city during the summer.

Alberobello and the Magic Trulli

Another unmissable stop is Alberobello, famous for its trulli, the characteristic conical white stone constructions that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking among the trulli of Alberobello is like taking a dip into the past, in a fairy-tale atmosphere. The small houses, with their cone-shaped roofs decorated with mysterious symbols, create a unique landscape.

Particularly beautiful houses. Italy. Albero Bello is a tourist resort in Apulia
Particularly beautiful houses. Italy. Albero Bello is a tourist resort in Apulia

Apulian Culinary Delights

La Apulian cuisine is a journey into genuine, authentic flavours. You cannot visit Apulia without tasting the orecchiette pasta with turnip topsa simple but tasty dish, or the Altamura breadfamous for its crispy crust and soft interior. More typical dishes include the mashed broad beans with chicory, the bowlers (stuffed meat rolls) and a variety of fresh cheeses such as burrata. Each meal is an opportunity to discover local products, often accompanied by a glass of wine produced in the region's cellars.

Calabria: Wild Nature and Crystal Clear Sea

La Calabrialocated at the tip of the Italian boot, is a region that surprises with its wild nature and the crystal clear sea. Still little known to mass tourism, Calabria offers ideal economic destinations for those seeking unspoilt natural beauty and rare authenticity.

Capo Vaticano and Tropea: Coastal Paradises

Among the most spectacular seaside resorts in Calabria are Capo Vaticano e Tropea. Capo Vaticano is renowned for its enchanting beaches and cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, the turquoise waters and hidden coves are ideal for snorkelling and diving. Tropea, with its iconic beach at the foot of a rocky promontory and its historic centre full of churches and noble palaces, is a must-see destination for visitors to Calabria.

Tropea, Calabria, Italy.Panoramic view of the church of Santa Maria dell'Isola at sunset.
Tropea, Calabria, Italy.Panoramic view of the church of Santa Maria dell'Isola at sunset.

Aspromonte National Park: Excursions and Landscapes

Nature lovers will find in the Aspromonte National Park a true paradise. This park offers a wide range of hiking trails through forests, valleys and mountain peaks, providing spectacular views. The park's biodiversity is remarkable, with wildlife that includes wolves, eagles and a variety of endemic species. The excursions can vary from easy walks to more challenging treks, all surrounded by lush, unspoilt nature.

Reggio Calabria and the Riace Bronzes

A visit to Calabria cannot be complete without seeing Reggio Calabria and its famous Riace Bronzes. These Greek statues, dating back to the 5th century B.C., are among the most important works of ancient art and are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria. The city also offers an enchanting seafront promenade, often called the 'most beautiful kilometre in Italy', where one can stroll while admiring the panorama of the Strait of Messina.

Waterfront in Reggio Calabria, Italy Lungomare Falcomata in Reggio Calabria at the Mediterranean Sea quay with a view of Sicily
Waterfront in Reggio Calabria, Italy Lungomare Falcomata in Reggio Calabria at the Mediterranean Sea quay with a view of the Sicily

Calabrian Gastronomy: Strong and Authentic Flavours

La Calabrian cuisine is famous for its strong and genuine flavours. Among the specialities is the 'ndujaa spicy spreadable sausage that goes perfectly with home-made bread or as an ingredient in sauces and pizzas. The bergamot, a unique citrus fruit that only grows in this region, is used in many preparations, from desserts to liqueurs. Other typical dishes include pasta with goat sauce, the fileja (a type of handmade pasta) and the various types of chilli pepper that add a touch of fire to dishes.

Marche: Medieval Villages and Quiet Beaches

Le Brands are a fascinating region that combines sea, mountains and historic villages in a perfect mix for a summer holiday. Located in the heart of central Italy, this region is often overlooked by international tourists, making it an ideal destination for those seeking authenticity and tranquillity. Senigalliawith its famous Velvet Beachis one of the most popular beach destinations. The beach owes its name to the fine, golden sand that offers a unique relaxing experience. Senigallia is not only sea: its historical centre is full of charm with monuments such as the Rocca Roveresca and the Foro Annonario.

The Conero Natural Park: A Paradise for Nature Lovers

A short distance from Senigallia, the Conero Natural Park is an unmissable destination for nature lovers. This park offers enchanting beaches such as the Due Sorelle beach, accessible only by sea, which enchants with its crystal-clear waters and wild landscape. Conero's scenic paths are ideal for hiking or cycling, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the Mediterranean maquis. Monte Conero itself is a promontory rising sheer from the sea, creating a spectacular contrast between the green vegetation and the deep blue of the Adriatic.

view of the famous beach crowded with tourists in Sirolo, Italy. The Regional Park of Monte Conero Nature Reserve is a unique ecological environment.
view of the famous beach crowded with tourists in Sirolo, Italy. The Regional Park of Monte Conero Nature Reserve is a unique ecological environment.

Urbino: The Cradle of the Renaissance

Among the medieval villages of Marche, Urbino is undoubtedly one of the most evocative. This city is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and its historical importance is recognised by UNESCO. Urbino is famous for being the birthplace of Raphael, one of the greatest Renaissance artists. The Ducal Palace, with its impressive architecture, houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, where you can admire masterpieces of Renaissance art. Strolling through the cobbled streets of Urbino is like stepping back in time, with historic buildings and views that have inspired generations of artists.

Ascoli Piceno: A Jewel to Discover

Ascoli Piceno is another medieval jewel of Le Marche, famous for its People's Square, considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. This square, with its travertine pavement and elegant buildings, is the beating heart of the city. Ascoli Piceno is also famous for its historical carnival and for the Quintana, a medieval re-enactment that attracts visitors from all over the world. The city is a paradise for gourmets, with typical dishes such as the vincisgrassia local variant of lasagne, and the olives all'ascolanastuffed and fried olives that are a real treat for the palate.

Visiting the centre of Ascoli Piceno
Visiting the centre of Ascoli Piceno

Culinary Delights of Le Marche

La Marche cuisine is rich and varied, reflecting the diversity of the region. Among the most representative dishes are the vincisgrassia kind of lasagna with meat sauce, béchamel sauce and chicken livers, and the olives all'ascolanawhich are green olives stuffed with meat and then fried. Other typical dishes include the brodetti (fish soups) and the cresciaa kind of focaccia that accompanies local cold cuts and cheeses. The Marche region is also renowned for its wines, with controlled designations of origin such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Rosso Conero.

Abruzzo: Mountains, Sea and Enchanting Villages

L'Abruzzo is a region that offers an extraordinary variety of landscapes, from the high peaks of the Apennines to the golden beaches of the Adriatic Sea. This unique combination makes Abruzzo an ideal destination for those seeking outdoor adventures e enchanting villages. One of the most impressive destinations is Rocca Calascioone of the highest fortresses in Italy. This medieval fortress offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. The rocca is also a fascinating place for history and photography enthusiasts, thanks to its almost mystical atmosphere.

The Trabocchi Coast: Beaches and Traditions

La Trabocchi Coast is one of the most fascinating coastal areas in Abruzzo, known for its quiet beaches and hidden coves. The trabocchi are ancient fishing machines built on stilts, creating a unique and characteristic landscape. The beaches on this coast are ideal for those seeking relaxation and contact with nature, away from the crowded tourist resorts. The clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, while small beach restaurants offer fresh fish and local specialities.

Sunset by the sea - Trabocchi Coast - Trabocco Turchino
Sunset by the sea - Costa dei trabocchi - Trabocco Turchino

Pescara: Liveliness and Culture

Pescara is a lively coastal town with a beautiful waterfront and a rich cultural and gastronomic offer. The city is famous for its marina and well-equipped beaches, where various water sports can be enjoyed. Pescara is also a cultural centre, with museums and art galleries, including the Museo Casa Natale di Gabriele D'Annunzio, dedicated to the famous poet and writer. Pescara's nightlife is lively, with numerous bars and restaurants offering a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Abruzzo Gastronomy: Genuine Flavours

La Abruzzo cuisine is renowned for its skilful use of local ingredients and flavourful dishes. Among the most famous specialities are the arrosticinibarbecued mutton skewers, and the pasta alla chitarraa fresh pasta cut with a traditional tool that gives it a particular shape. Other typical dishes include the scrippelle 'mbusse (crepes in broth) and the fish soup. The desserts from Abruzzo are equally delicious, with delicacies such as the Sulmona sweets and the ferratellecrispy wafers often filled with honey or jam.

Cheap Destinations in Italy: An Unforgettable Summer

Italy offers a wide range of inexpensive destinations to spend an unforgettable summer. Apulia, Calabria, Marche and Abruzzo are regions rich in natural beauty, historic villages and culinary delights, ideal for those who want a holiday without spending a fortune. From Apulia's crystal-clear beaches to Calabria's wild landscapes, come on medieval villages in Marche to mountain panoramas of Abruzzoeach destination offers unique and memorable experiences. Get ready to discover these Italian wonders and enjoy a summer of relaxation and adventure!


1. What are the cheapest destinations for summer holidays in Italy? The cheapest destinations include Puglia, Calabria, Marche and Abruzzo, which offer natural beauty and historical attractions at low costs.

2. Which is the most famous beach in Le Marche? The Velvet Beach in Senigallia is one of the most famous, known for its fine, golden sand.

3. Where can I find trulli in Apulia? Trulli are mainly found in Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage town.

4. What culinary specialities can I taste in Calabria? In Calabria, try 'nduja, a spicy salami, and bergamot, a local citrus fruit used in various dishes.

5. What are the main attractions in Abruzzo? The main attractions in Abruzzo include Rocca Calascio, the Costa dei Trabocchi and the coastal town of Pescara.

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