Az. Agr. Bronte & Randazzo
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Bronte and Randazzo tour: pistachio and villages

Enjoy our fascinating tour of Bronte and Randazzo. Visit the pistachio farm and taste the legendary Pistacchio di Bronte PDO and Slow Food Presidium. Stroll with your tour guide through the narrow streets of the medieval villages of Bronte and Randazzo.

6.5 hours

Bronte Pistachio Tour, with light snack

Come and discover how the famous Bronte Pistachio PDO is made! Enjoy a tour of the pistachio grove with the pistachio expert producer and visit the in-house shelling warehouse. Conclude the experience

1.5 hours

What to see in Bronte? Pistachio and beyond

Let the expert who produces Pistacchio di Bronte PDO and Slow Food Presidium tell you what to see in Bronte. Visit the farm and learn more about the pistachio processing phases. Taste pistachio products and visit the historic centre of Bronte with a tour guide.

4.5 hours