Trentino Wine Tradition: the Cembra Valley

Let’s discover the great Trentino wine tradition, its most famous wines and grape varieties


Thanks to the local climate and the vineyards that stretch from the Lake Garda to the Cembra Valley, Trentino grows incomparable native wine grapes.

The area on which the production of local wine is extended is rather restricted, but nevertheless it is possible to make wine from indigenous grape varieties with different characteristics.

The Nosiola, the Marzemino and the Teroldego are among the most famous Trentino wine grapes. Here are their qualities and peculiarities.


Trentino wines: the harvest


Discover Trentino wines & grape varieties: Nosiola, Marzemino and Teroldego

Among the most famous Trentino grape varieties, we find the Nosiola. Its clear grapes allow the production of white wines, with a hint of bitterness and little acidity.

They are pleasant wines, that can also be found unbottled; but the real peculiarity of this Trentino native wine grape is an ancient method: drying its grapes on canes, allowing the production of the famous Trentino Vino Santo (“holy wine”).
This is a DOC wine, with a pleasantly sweet taste. It can be paired with local desserts, which you should try during your tasting experience in a Trentino wine bar.

“Pour the wine, excellent Marzemino!”, this is how Mozart expressed himself in his work Don Giovanni: one of the most precious Trentino wine grapes is certainly the Marzemino. It is grown in Vallagarina and brings different characteristics to the wines, depending on its cultivation on the right or left side of the Adige river.
The wine is reddish in colour, tending to purple, and pairs perfectly with a warm polenta with mushrooms, a traditional Trentino dish!

Finally, another native grape variety is the Teroldego. Grown north of Trento in the Rotaliana plain, it produces ruby-coloured wines, with little alcohol and quite acid. The most famous Trentino wine produced from this grape is undoubtedly the Teroldego Rotaliano: a wine to have absolutely in your own personal wine cellar.


Trentino wines: wine tasting in wine cellar


A special consideration also goes to the Trentodoc Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine: made from a blend of grapes grown exclusively in Trentino (the most widely used are Meunier, Pinot Noir, white Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), it was created in 1902 from an idea to the oenologist Giulio Ferrari and is the first Italian traditional method sparkling wine with the DOC certification.
The taste is reminiscent of its territory of origin, with hints of golden apple and mountain flowers: ideal to sip during an aperitif!

Among the spirits produced in the area, we cannot fail to mention the Grappa from Trentino: the tradition of “lambicar”, that is to say distilling in Trentino dialect, is linked to the rich production of local wine and the Master Distillers‘ passion to produce excellent grappas from Trentino. To date, there are about 30 distilleries that produce the real grappa from Trentino.


The terraced vineyards of the Cembra Valley: the enchanting Trentino vineyards to visit!

The Cembra Valley is one of the wine-producing areas of Trentino: we are going to tell you the characteristics that make it unique!

This territory is located near the border with Alto Adige-Südtirol, on the left side of the Adige river, and is characterised by steep and sunny slopes. The inhabitants did not let themselves be discouraged by the slopes and built beautiful terraced vineyards along the valley, where it is possible to take long walks and notice that the terracing is supported by stone walls for over 700 kilometres.

The Cembra Valley is not only famous for its terraced vineyards, but also for its rich culinary tradition and for its food & wine culture: “strangolapreti” (gnocchi with stale bread and mountain herbs), potato tortelli with cured meats, “canederli”, buckwheat polenta and the typical “carne fumada”.


The carne fumada is a cut of meat that is left to rest for at least 20 days with spices, herbs and local white wine; finally, it is smoked giving it that unique and unmistakable flavour of the Cembra Valley.
Find out mpre about this delicious food from the Cembra Valley and join an open-air aperitif with a wonderful mountain view.

Among the unique experiences that you can enjoy in Trentino, there are also many wine tastings: they give you the opportunity to enjoy food and wine experiences and discover wineries and distilleries. Wine tastings take place directly in the wineries and you will discover how native grape varieties give Trentino wines acidity and flavour, typical characteristics of the Cembra Valley.


Good food & wine, but not only: activities you can do in the Cembra Valley

Sport is one of the activities you can do in the Cembra Valley. There are in fact many excursions that can be personalised with our local Experts, or walks to do alone or with your family.

Among these activities, we recommend a walk on Lake Serraia: ideal for both adults and children, if you want to spend a day immersed in nature. It is also perfect for horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and climbing… In short, it is the perfect place for sports lovers!


Trentino: cycling on Dolomites


Another all-natural excursion concerns the earth Pyramids of Segonzano. These are accumulations of rocky sediments deriving from the last glaciation, which are cone-shaped and capped by a porphyry rock.

Around the earth Pyramids, there is a clearly signposted and equipped path, making it possible to go on an excursion with expert local guides. Ideal for nature lovers, to rediscover Trentino!

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