Ideas for your Sardinian food and wine tour

Tastings, cooking classes, gastronomic tours, also tailor-made

Sardinia is an island that amazes travellers with its natural contrasts and emerald sea, a land of ancient traditions, immersed in wild and unspoilt nature. One of the places to visit is certainly the Maddalena Archipelago. Sailing from Caprera to the Bocche di Bonifacio, you will be impressed by the beauty of the uninhabited, wild island of Budelli with its enchanting pink beach.

What makes Sardinia famous throughout the world are the Nuraghi, ancient stone towers that are the largest and best-preserved megalithic monuments in Europe. The Nuragic village par excellence is the Su Nuraxi site in Barumini, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The main ingredient of Sardinian cuisine is wheat, processed into its best-known product, pane carasau, but also as the basis for the famous malloreddus, culurgiones and fregola. If we talk about Sardinia food and wine, this region means Pecorino Sardo, a cheese famous throughout the world. What to eat in Sardinia if you love fish? Food in Sardinia is also lobster from Alghero, bottarga from Cabras and tuna from Carloforte. Sardinian dishes pair well with the excellent Sardinian wine: Vermentino di Gallura, Vernaccia di Oristano and Cannonau – just to name the most famous ones to pair with traditional desserts. Are you ready for your next Sardinian food and wine tour?


A dive into sweetness

Experience the delicious and creative atmosphere of a real artisan
40 minutes

Aperitif in the vineyards in Sardinia

Savour the authentic taste of Sardinia! Stroll through the rows
2.5 hours

At the Olive Mill to discover Bosa Olive Oil!

Discover Bosa olive oil in Sardinia! Visit the olive oil
1.5 hours

Discovering Sardinian desserts

Experience the excitement of visiting an award-winning artisan Sardinian and
1 hour

Pastry Class near Oristano

Take patisserie courses directly with the Master Pastry Chef! Make
3 hours

Sardinia Wine Tour & Tasting in Mamoiada!

Get to know the tradition of the enchanting village of
1.5 hours