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Cradle of Magna Graecia, Calabria is a land of ancient settlements. This region enjoys a welcoming climate, a sea of marvellous colours with rocky coasts alternating with sandy shores, and wild and mysterious nature.

The region offers a wide choice of churches and monasteries, castles and palaces, villages and places where centuries-old customs and traditions survive. Don’t miss the famous Riace Bronzes, exhibited in the National Museum in Reggio Calabria, an important testimony to Magna Graecia.

The parks of Sila, Serre, Aspromonte and Pollino are among the most interesting naturalistic destinations to see in Calabria. They are ideal places for rafting along the Lao river or through the Sila gorges, or for canyoning and orienteering.

For Calabria food and wine, this region means strong and intense emotions, even at the table. A treat for Calabrian food and wine lovers? During your itinerary to discover traditional food of Calabria, try the famous chilli pepper, used in typical Calabrian cuisine, from bruschette with n’duja (a local type of bread) to pork sausages, pasta sauces and fish dishes.

The strong taste of chilli peppers is complemented by the sweet taste of the famous Tropea red onion PGI, used both to flavour Calabrese food and for medicinal purposes. Other typical ingredients of the famous Calabrian food and wine are extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits and cheeses, such as Pecorino del Monte Poro and caciocavallo silano. Among Calabrian wines, the red, rosé and white Cirò Doc are excellent.

So, during your holidays, Calabrian food & wine experiences are a must!

Aperitif with Calabrian Olive Oil Tasting

A walk in the countryside to stimulate your senses before
2 hours

Calabria, a land to experience and savour

Traditional Calabrian food blends perfectly with a wild and unpredictable
8 days

From Olive Harvest to Calabrian Olive Oil!

Immerse yourself in the tradition of olive harvesting in Calabria!
5 hours