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Are you a tour operator or travel agency for Italy?

Italia Delight is the first marketplace dedicated to Italian food tourism: an online platform that allows travellers to book directly with the best Italian Food Experts (professionals, not locals) tastings, cooking classes and other activities in their companies and territories.


1. Offer your clients authentic trips!

Italia Delight is the marketplace where you can find a unique selection of Italian Food Experts: farmers, winemakers, fishermen, breeders, pastry chefs, etc.

Book inimitable foodie breaks and food holidays for your clients directly with the Experts and boost your revenue.

As a travel agent for Italy, you will buy foodie breaks and holidays for couples or groups at advantageous rates and without middlemen to offer a package that suits the needs of your clients.

Free Subscription! No integration fee




Contact us for more information using the form below or writing to commerciale@italiadelight.it!

You can also ask for a custom tour (dates and number of participants). We will reply within 24 hours!

Advantages for an Italy travel agent:

  • Exclusive, simple and free booking platform
  • Selected and personalised travel ideas
  • Special net prices
  • Multiple bookings, one transaction
  • Exclusive support for you and your clients


2. Become a Local Expert!

Apply and offer your own tours!

As an Italy tour operator, you can offer food experiences or “hybrid” experiences, that combine food and wine with other activities (excursions, guided visits to museums and places of interest, outdoor activities, sports or spa treatments, overnight stays, etc.).

In addition, you can offer travellers tailor-made experiences through the button on the page of each experience or become an Italia Delight Partner for the creation of customised tours for travellers and for International and Italian tour companies.

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Apply as an Italy travel agent now! Fill in the form below or send us an email at commerciale@italiadelight.it.

Our team will get back to you and will tell you more about our project. You will tell us about your job as a travel agency for Italy: if it is in line with our selection criteria, we will send you the application form.

We will create your personal profile on the platform, where you will be able to add your food experiences or travel ideas.
For each tour, you will provide some information: what to do, when, how much it costs and how long it lasts. This information will help travellers to plan their trip to Italy.

Advantages for Local Experts:

  • Top Italy tour companies
  • Visibility without intermediaries
  • Internationalisation
  • Secure payments and tailor-made customer service
  • Storytelling: we connect people with territories

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