In Italy honeymoon destinations for all tastes!
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Honeymooning in Italy is always a good idea! If you are looking for a magical place, rich in art, history, traditions and food and wine, I think a honeymoon in Italy is for you!


There are those who imagine it to be big, those who imagine it to be small, those who imagine it to be by the sea, those who imagine it to be in the city, those who imagine it to be in the mountains… In short, everyone has their dream wedding in their drawer!

Speaking of honeymoons, one of the first decisions to make is: Italy or abroad? This is a doubt that plagues us on every trip we decide to take in life, let alone our honeymoon!

Although exotic locations are usually the most popular destinations, remember that every corner of Italy can surprise us!

Italy can offer you breathtaking destinations, suitable for every taste and budget, encompassing a variety of activities: food and wine, exceptional landscapes, unique villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, destinations for sports enthusiasts or art, literature, spas and relaxation lovers.

If you agree with me and are looking for the perfect place to go honeymooning in Italy, follow me in this article! I will show you the locations you should consider for this great event. Know that, with Italia Delight, there are different ideas of food and wine trips that you can customise with your local Expert.

My guide is organised in a schematic way, starting from Northern Italy to the South, each destination is easily accessible from any Italian or European location. I hope I can make you understand how exciting an Italian honeymoon can be, and now…

Let’s get started with the most amazing Italy honeymoon destinations! 😍


Discover Italy with us! Look at all the ideas for your honeymoon, to customize!


16 fabulous places for your honeymoon in Italy:

1. Aosta Valley

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The Aosta Valley, the smallest and least populated of the Italian regions, is a treasure trove of natural, historical and artistic treasures. Here we find the “Giants of the Alps” with Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. The Aosta Valley castles, such as the Castle of Fenis or the Castles of Issogne, are also very impressive. Finally Aosta, although small and easy to get around in a day, is the cradle of important artistic remains from the Middle Ages.

If you’re thinking of a sporty honeymoon, you’ve come to the right place! You can go trekking, walking, snowshoeing, skiing and much more, but don’t worry… If you’re looking for relaxation, you’ll find spas and dream hotels available.

As for gastronomy, there are typical foods such as Bosses ham or Lard d’Arnad PDO or the inimitable Fontina cheese. But pay attention! Aosta Valley also means good wine: prestigious mountain wines are produced here, united under a single Denominazione di Origine Controllata Valle d’Aosta.

Discover the Aosta Valley, amid unique landscapes and flavours:


2. Trentino Alto Adige

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If you are looking for excitement and relaxation, this region is for you. With forests, lakes, glaciers, towns and cities rich in tradition and culture, Trentino Alto Adige offers the ideal trip for every taste and need.

On the list of best things to see we find the Dolomites, with an enviable ski area, Bolzano and Trento, which are the two main centres. But you cannot miss Merano, with its wonderful thermal baths.

During the Christmas period, Merano and Bolzano light up with their handicraft markets.

This region is also perfect for those who love good food and tradition, with polenta, canederli, gulasch and apple strudel, along with soups and venison or pork dishes. In addition, there is an extensive network of the so-called “Strade del Vino e dei Sapori”, itineraries designed and signposted to help visitors discover the local wine heritage.

Embark on your Italy honeymoon in Trentino:


3. Turin and the Langhe

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The jewel of Piedmont is Turin, a city known for its many attractions and gastronomy. With its underground passages, it offers us a journey 15 metres underground… A unique experience! Then, the Mole Antonelliana is certainly worth a visit, as it is a symbol of the city and also of the whole of Italy. The Royal Palace, which housed the Savoy family for centuries, has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site… So it certainly deserves to be put on the list of the best Italy honeymoon destinations!

There is also the Egyptian museum and the cinema museum, not to mention the wonderful historical cafés you will come across as you stroll through the city. Finally, Turin’s gastronomy gives that final touch of magic with its fragrant truffles (both white and black), the famous gianduiotti, ice cream, breadsticks, cured meats and zabaione, all washed down with the great red and white DOC and DOCG wines of the area.

The Langhe area, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is worth a visit, especially for food & wine lovers. It offers many activities, including tastings, festivals and breathtaking walks.

Treat yourself to Piedmont amidst a thousand emotions:


4. Venice

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When imagining a honeymoon in Italy, I think Venice comes immediately to mind, as it is the romantic city par excellence! A pearl among Italian cities, with its lagoon and the Grand Canal, great for fantastic gondola rides. Other amazing tourist attractions in Venice are: St. Mark’s Square with St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Bell Tower and the Clock Tower. Then we find the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge and the Rialto market (for those looking for gastronomic delights).

If you choose Venice as your destination, the islands of Murano, for its glassmaking, and Burano, for its handmade lace, are also worth seeing.

Finally, in the period from 26 December to Ash Wednesday, you will witness the wonderful Carnival of Venice, which will take you into a magical world of masks and colours.

Honeymooning in Italy? Choose the magic of the Serenissima:


5. Verona

A magical city where history, art and culture come together to create wonderful harmonies and memories.

The Arena of Verona has become over time the symbol of the city, the Basilica of San Zeno, one of the most representative monuments of the Romanesque style in Italy, Castelvecchio, the main monument of the city, which today houses the Civic Museum, the Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery and finally, a visit to Verona is not complete without visiting Juliet’s house with its famous balcony.

The Piazza di Bra and Piazza delle Erbe are worth a visit while strolling through the city. Both are large and very beautiful, suitable for a break and a coffee with a view over the square.


6. The lakes of Northern Italy

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For a honeymoon in Italy, you should consider the lakes, which are beautiful and noteworthy… But let’s see which ones!

  • Lake Garda – It is the largest Italian lake and unites three regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Its spectacular landscapes offer a variety of activities: walking, trekking, climbing, windsurfing, boat trips and more. Another stop is Sirmione, a municipality in Lombardy, whose historic centre rises on a peninsula that divides the lower Lake Garda.


  • Lake Como – This is the deepest lake in Italy. In the past, it was popular with the rich and the aristocrats, today it is a popular tourist destination mainly for relaxation, but there is no shortage of sporting activities, such as water sports, but also mountain sports! The lake has 170 km of beaches, and is also well known for the sumptuous villas that line its shores, such as Villa Commedia, Villa d’Este and Villa Carlotta.


  • Lake Orta – A lake set between the green of the Alps and the Piedmontese forests… A real pearl! It was the homeland of the writer Gianni Rodari, whose works often mention the lake and in particular the island of San Giulio, the only island in the lake with a small town.


7. Cinque Terre

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The Cinque Terre consists of five seaside villages, located on the coast between La Spezia and Genoa in Liguria. I think they can each be described as a wonderful gem, I can’t think of a better place for an Italy beach honeymoon! The sea in this area is crystal clear, the beaches and rugged coastline are of unparalleled charm! These lands offer breathtaking trails and excursions, sporting activities, cycling routes and much more.

From a gastronomic point of view, this area is famous for its pesto genovese, often paired with trofie, or for its stuffed and fried anchovies, focaccia, squid, mussels and other delicacies you need to taste during your stay.

Cinque Terre, amidst the colours, scents and flavours of the Riviera:


8. Tuscany



We are now in a region that is all about seeing and discovering! Some cities and towns are extraordinarily beautiful, including Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano and Montalcino.

When you hear these names, of course, you can’t help but talk about Tuscan wine: from Brunello di Montalcino, to Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and Supertuscan.

As you can easily understand, Tuscany offers large areas dedicated to viticulture and wine production, such as the Chianti Valley, where surrounded by greenery and vineyards, you can immerse yourself in excellent wine tastings, or the Val d’Orcia, a protected park, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then there is the Maremma, with its varied territory offering beaches, mountains, flat areas, cultivated areas and thermal zones.

For a food and wine honeymoon, you are in one of the best places. In fact, in addition to the wines already mentioned, you can savour many traditional dishes such as acqua cotta, crostini, pappardelle, caciucco and much more!

Choose timeless charm for your Italy honeymoon packages:


9. Umbria

Characterised by green hills and medieval villages, wonderful towns and gastronomy… Mouth-watering!

Among the best places to visit, I recommend: Gubbio, known as “the grey city” because of the blocks of limestone from which it is built, Passignano, a splendid perched village, Perugia, with its delicious Perugia chocolate, Spello, a village famous for its flowered alleyways. Finally, a visit to the Marmore Falls is a must… Breathtaking!

Gastronomy includes the art of pork butchery, i.e. the processing of pork and sausages, truffles, umbricelli in Trasimeno sauce and spaghetti with rancetto.

A stroll through the wonders of Umbria:


10. Rome and surroundings

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At this point, my guide can only include Rome, my city and, not surprisingly, the capital of Italy! Among all the destinations for a honeymoon, it is certainly one of the most beautiful and interesting.

In addition to all the well-known monuments, such as the Colosseum, the Altar of the Fatherland, the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, etc., we find the Forums, rich in history, various villas, such as Villa Pamphili or Villa Borghese, exceptional viewpoints such as the Pincio or the Orange Garden. In short… This city is wonderful!

The surroundings of Rome are also worth visiting: with their traditions, they leave travellers satisfied and above all with a full belly! These include the Castelli Romani area with Frascati, the lakes of Nemi, Albano, Martignano and Bracciano, Civita di Bagnoregio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Adventure in time and taste with Italia Delight:


11. Molise

In spite of the common saying “Molise does not exist”, Molise is a region rich in history, unique places to visit, but above all unspoilt nature, with plains, mountains and 35 km of coastline… A true green paradise! This coast attracts many visitors, mainly to Termoli and Campomarino, while mountain tourism concerns skiing. Finally, artistic tourism touches on the cities of Campobasso and Isernia.

From the gastronomic point of view, it offers olives and wheat, the production of cold meats and cheeses. Among the cured meats we find soppressata, capocollo and ‘ntriglionm and finally the delicious white truffle.

Explore Italy out of the box:


12. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast in the province of Salerno in Campania, which has had UNESCO World Heritage status since 1997. Characterised by cliffs, bays, picturesque villages and amazing towns such as Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and Vietri sul Mare, the coast is famous for its architecture, panoramic views and artisan production, from Vietri’s hand-painted ceramics to cheeses, preserves, olive oil and limoncello.

Unmissable activities in the area include a dip in the blue waters, spectacular scenic routes, hiking or visits to towns or monuments, such as Amalfi Cathedral. It’s a perfect jewel for your honeymoon in Italy!


13. Naples and the Gulf Islands

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Naples is a city rich in history, art, culture and with an enviable gastronomic offer. Visit the Charterhouse of San Martino, a great example of Baroque style, or the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. It has always been a popular holiday destination, boasting several ancient villas, such as Villa Pignatelli or Villa Doria d’Angri.

A very exciting experience, which I highly recommend, is a tour of underground Naples: a real second city! There are also the Catacombs, the Bourbon Gallery, the San Severo Chapel Museum, the Royal Palace, Naples Cathedral and many other sites and museums to visit.

The islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri (the three islands in the Gulf of Naples), each considered a jewel in the middle of the blue, should also be added to the list of your Italy honeymoon destinations.

Italy honeymoon destinations in and around Naples:


14. Puglia

And here we are at the heel of the boot: Puglia, a magnificent land that boasts one of the most beautiful seas in Italy, but not only! Among the places to visit we find Bari, the regional capital, known for the relics of Saint Nicholas. Alberobello, the “capital of the trulli”, a village full of charm, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. And don’t forget:

  • Polignano a mare, a charming seaside village, suitable for boat tours or water sports.
  • Valle d’Itria, famous for its trulli but also for its food and wine, with meat specialities and some of the best-known grape varieties in Italy, such as Barbera, Aglianico, Primitivo di Manduria and many others.
  • Salento is perfect for a sun and sunbathing honeymoon. Here you can also admire the remains of Lecce’s Baroque and the expanses of centuries-old olive trees.

Let yourself be bewitched by the unique charm of Apulia:


15. Calabria

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We now turn to Calabria, a region of sea, villages, festivals and gastronomy. Among the most famous cities are Reggio Calabria, Crotone and Tropea, each with its own characteristics and places to visit.

The sea is certainly the region’s speciality, with its crystal-clear water… But it also boasts a wonderful natural park, the Sila, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as beautiful villages, considered to be real gems, such as Gerace, Oriolo, Badolato and others. From the point of view of art and culture, Calabria is very rich: it offers us the Aragonese Castle, the Riace Bronzes in Reggio Calabria, the Norman-Swabian Castle in Cosenza, many museums and abbeys.

Finally, in terms of food and wine, we find the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, some typical foods and local dishes, including nduja, which characterises Calabrian spicy cuisine, then Tropea onions, Sardella and other delicacies. There is a fine production of wine, including seven DOC wine appellations.

Choose Calabria: sea, villages, art, festivals and gastronomy!


16. Sardinia and Sicily

Let’s conclude with the two most amazing Italian islands.

We start with Sicily, a land famous all over the world for its beauty, artistic heritage and culinary specialities. Unmissable destinations to visit include the Aeolian Islands (an archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea), Palermo with its beautiful Cefalù, Catania, Etna Park, the small but beautiful Taormina, Marzamemi and the baroque towns of Val di Noto in the south-east of the island, with sumptuous palaces and churches to visit.

Food and wine are definitely Sicily’s strong points, with cannoli, cassata, arancini, granite, almond pastries and excellent wines.

Finally, Sardinia, where each corner is exceptional, all to be discovered. In addition to the wonderful sea, I would certainly suggest: Cagliari, Nuoro, Alghero, Porto Cervo, Gennargentu and Carloforte. Water activities such as snorkelling or boat tours are highly recommended, if you are planning an Italy beach honeymoon. You can also admire the remains of Romanesque art in Sardinia, as in the case of San Pietro di Sorres. Also here gastronomy is the workhorse, with carasau bread, traditional pasta, the so-called “Porcheddu” and fregola. It also boasts a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition.

Italy beach honeymoon and more, on the two largest islands:


italian honeymoon package


Honeymooning in Italy, with gusto!

Here my guide comes to an end! If you’re looking for original Italy honeymoon packages, here you have found lots of breathtaking scenery, as well as food and wine tips that will stay in your heart forever.

I’m sure I’ve recommended the most beautiful places to go honeymooning in Italy. All you have to do is decide where to go and book! If you would like to book with Italia Delight, simply contact us using the contact details found here on the website.

So, have a great honeymoon in Italy! 💒👰


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