Italian wineries: choose the best wine tours in Italy!
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Italian wineries encompass years of history and tradition. Discover unique wine experiences in the best wineries in Italy!

In recent years, the phenomenon of wine tasting tours has increased more and more. On the other hand, wine is an important tourist attraction, not only for wine lovers but also for the less experienced.

Suffice it to say that in 2016 only 21% of Italians made a trip with a food and wine experience as a motivation. A percentage subsequently increased to 30% in 2018 and 45% in 2019.

The 2021 analysis identified a percentage grown to 55%. A value that represents the quantity of Italians who have travelled for purely gastronomic purposes. This is what emerges from the Report on Italian Food and Wine Tourism 2021.

Obviously, the crisis generated by the Covid-19 emergency has done its damage, with a 27% drop in value in 2020, compared to the previous year. Despite this, the focus on food and wine is literally on the rise and will dominate most travel itineraries in this period of economic recovery.


Wine tours in Italy: the traveller’s passkey

Visiting Italian wineries is an excellent opportunity to enrich your itinerary. In this way, you are able to increase the desire of the trip, making it original and at the same time curious. But, above all, you have the opportunity to discover fine wines from a specific location in Italy.


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Your taste buds will already be tingling at the thought of getting to know the most famous Italian wines directly in the wine regions where they are produced. A unique opportunity to delve into the world of wine through the expert eyes of winemakers and sommeliers. However, the magnificence does not lie only in the olfactory notes and flavours of these precious elixirs. The beauty of the wine world is also represented by the history behind every single product.

Visiting an Italian winery also includes the possibility of participating in several events: lunch or dinner in the vines, trekking through the vineyards, or horse riding and cycling tours. Not to mention cooking classes and even the possibility of taking part in the grape harvest and learning about special wine-making techniques, such as organic or biodynamic wine-making. Not only that, it is also about having the fortune to visit picturesque villages, art exhibitions and historical residences.

In short, there is something for everyone. From north to south, Italy offers many opportunities for wine tasting tours. They can be made throughout the year, without limits.


Do you love visiting wineries? Discover all the wine experiences!


How to join wine tasting tours

There are many opportunities to visit the best wineries in Italy. Although, it is advisable to book in advance to ensure that the wine experience is planned down to the last detail and, above all, to your liking.

More than advice, it is a mandatory practice, especially after the Covid-19 emergency. This is all because, Italian wineries need to have a clear picture of the number of visitors, especially in terms of sanitation of environments and social distancing.


How to prepare for wine tastings?

There is a perfect time for wine tasting, did you know that? This is in the late morning, when smell and taste are at their optimum state. All this should be done on an empty stomach, to prevent our senses from being interfered with by additional smells and taste of recently ingested food. Consequently, it is also advisable to avoid wearing perfumes or perfumed creams, anything that would hinder the proper performance of the wine tasting.


Visit Italian wineries: the historic winery in Barolo

Visiting a winery in Italy allows you to take a trip back in time. In fact, in Italy you have the opportunity to visit historical wine cellars from different eras. There are many of them and they are also known as “monumental wine cellars“, as they can be located in castles, villas, abbeys or medieval villages.


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Italia Delight has a number of them as protagonists in the food and wine experiences on offer. For example, the historic winery near Barolo, one of the most renowned.

We are in Piedmont, in the evocative landscape of the Langhe vineyards where the historic winery is located. Founded in 1897, the winery still produces Barolo today, confirming 120 years of history and tradition. Distinctive feature is the magical atmosphere of Cannubi, considered the Grand Cru of Barolo, which allows to obtain a sophisticated and elegant wine. With Italia Delight, you will have the opportunity to taste 8 wines, including a vertical tasting of five types of Barolo Cannubi. All paired with handmade breadsticks. An experience that symbolises tradition.

If you are interested, I would also recommend the “Langhe and Cinque Terre, on the Taste Trail!” tour. A unique and evocative food tour that will allow you to visit historic wine cellars in Gavi and Barolo.


Historic wineries in Barile, Chianti & Pompeii

Another interesting place is Barile, in the province of Potenza. Here we come across the town’s historic winery where the famous Aglianico del Vulture, a DOC red wine, is produced.

The history of the winery dates back to the early 19th century, when the founder decided to buy a farm near Rapolla, on the slopes of Mount Vulture. The territory, designed by the expanses of vineyards, is rich in nature but also in history. In fact, in 1856, the famous Sarcophagus of Rapolla was found here. Today it is exhibited in the National Museum, situated in the Norman Castle of Melfi.

The particularity of this wine cellar does not end here. It has the peculiarity of being excavated in the rock. You can imagine the suggestive atmosphere, thanks also to the ancient millstone with a cross in relief contained inside.


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Many other places are home to wonderful historic wineries in Italy. Not to be missed is a historic winery in the heart of the Chianti wine region.

Not to forget the Pompeii winery. In this amazing place, it is possible to visit the winery, which houses a Necropolis dating back to 79 AD and a farmhouse dating back to 1780.


Wine tasting at the organic and biodynamic winery

After the historic wineries, it is now time to talk about the “newcomers”: organic and biodynamic wineries. The protagonists of these Italian wineries are organic and biodynamic wine.

Many consider the spread of these wines to be a fad. But those who really appreciate them know that underneath their production lies a model of sustainable development. A development based on safeguarding, making the most of resources, respecting the environment and the health of the consumer.


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Have you ever participated in organic or biodynamic wine tours in Italy? You can do so thanks to Italia Delight.

There are many wine tasting tours on offer, where you have the opportunity to visit organic and biodynamic wine cellars. For example, at Mamoiada in Sardinia, at Marzamemi and Marsala in Sicily, but also at San Miniato in Tuscany and Gualdo Cattaneo in Umbria.

In Corato there is an interesting winery, surrounded by the native grapevines of the Murge. Besides being an organic winery, it is a historic winery dating back to 1628.


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Winery tours with Sommelier

As you can see, the world of wine tasting tours is quite wide. And if you feel like a fish out of water, don’t worry! You can make your wine experience more detailed with a personal sommelier.

This type of experience is perfect for those who want to have an Expert by their side, whom they can rely on for any curiosity. Several locations host these wine tours in Italy with a sommelier. For example in the Euganean Hills, in the magnificent Valpolicella wine region and in Lucignano (Arezzo).


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Cooking classes at the winery

For the more creative, a good cooking course at the winery would be ideal. Combining the art of cooking with a visit to an Italian winery makes for a unique experience.

During this activity, you will have the opportunity to attend a real cooking class in the fascinating atmosphere of the winery. Not only that, but the ending will be amazing! You will taste the dishes you have prepared paired with fine wines from the estate. An unmissable experience to join in San Miniato and Montepulciano (Tuscany), in Trecase (near Naples), thanks to the food and wine experiences selected by Italia Delight.


Exploring vineyards in Italy – hiking and horseback riding

For the more sporty, however, there is no shortage of more dynamic activities! Of all of them, walking through the vineyards is certainly an excellent option. Apart from the physical activity itself, you have the opportunity to admire amazing landscapes, designed over the centuries by the work of nature and man.

Here too, of course, during your wine tours in Italy you have the opportunity to taste fine wines, together with appetising menus. Activities of this kind can be found in Montepulciano (Tuscany), Valdobbiadene and Asolo (Veneto) and at Gualdo Cattaneo (Umbria).


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The latter location is home to an equally fascinating activity that might pique your curiosity: a beautiful horse riding experience. What could be better than a ride through the vineyards, surrounded by nature and guided by animals? Considering that, at the end of the adventure with your four-legged companion, you will have the opportunity to visit Italian wineries and taste famous wines and dishes, I think there is nothing better.

Have you ever taken a horseback ride through the vineyards? Places that might interest you in this regard are not only in Umbria and Tuscany, along with Montepulciano, but also in Southern Italy, in Pompeii.


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Bike tour, vineyard picnic, lunch or dinner?

If you don’t know how to ride, a great alternative for you is cycling! A bike ride through the vineyards is another of the many activities you can do in contact with nature during your wine tours of Italy. Italia Delight offers you this activity in many food and wine tours, full of unique experiences. For example, the Valdobbiadene & Asolo tour and the Alba truffle and wine tour in the Langhe.

In addition, in Tuscany, near Montepulciano, you have the opportunity to enjoy a fascinating experience among the Tuscan vineyards thanks to a delicious 4-course dinner in the vineyard. If you have never enjoyed a dinner in the middle of a vineyard, now is your chance to enjoy the magical atmosphere of a midsummer night!

As an alternative to dinner in the vineyard, for the more easy-going, you could organise a nice vineyard picnic, in harmony with nature and your loved ones. Besides Montepulciano, this amazing wine experience can also be done in Marsala, Sicily.


Visit the best wineries in Italy, during the grape harvest

The idea of visiting an Italian winery is really original. It is perfect if you want to organise something different and expanding your experience and knowledge. The whole thing takes on an even more interesting aspect, especially if carried out during the grape harvest period. In this way, you have the opportunity to admire at first hand the wine-making techniques, applied in order to obtain wine.


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Italia Delight offers many wine harvest experiences, for example in Marsala, in the province of Trapani. Here, travellers can immerse themselves in the culture of the grape harvest by staying overnight in a family-run winery and following the entire wine-making process. A fantastic experience, followed by a wine tasting in the wine cellar.

However, many other fantastic activities allow you to participate in this “wine” event. You can take part in the grape harvest in a historic residence in San Miniato (Tuscany), with a special focus on biodynamic wine-making. Or the wine harvest of the legendary Cesanese del Piglio DOCG near Rome and the grape harvest in the Sagrantino di Montefalco wine region in Umbria.


In addition to many wine tasting tours, Italia Delight offers you the chance to create a longer itinerary that you can customise with your local Expert.

Choose the wine experience that suits you best and get ready to join the best Italian wineries! 🍷


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