How to organise a bachelor party: original ideas to celebrate it at its best!
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Come with me to discover different ideas to inspire you for original and unforgettable bachelor parties.


The bachelor party originated in Anglo-Saxon countries in order to celebrate the groom-to-be, who will symbolically abandon his “bachelor status” to join his beloved. According to tradition, it should be organised in the days immediately preceding the wedding, even the night before.

Usually, those who organise this event are the best man together with the groom’s closest friends, who know well what he likes and what he doesn’t. This way they can surprise him with various activities and at the same time ridicule him, subjecting him to absurd challenges and embarrassing games, with no possibility of refusal, with the aim of making him spend his last night as a “single” man in a fun and unforgettable way.

The world of cinema is also a good source of original ideas for bachelor parties. There are several films on this theme that have crossed the big screens and most of them have been hits. One of the most recent is “The Hangover”, which with its trilogy is certainly among the most popular.

The bachelor party is usually celebrated one month to ten days before the wedding, but it is important to organise and book as early as possible, as the duration of the party can vary from one to several days, depending on the activities you want to do. The groom-to-be will not have to pay anything, his task will be only and exclusively to have fun and enjoy the surprise party organised by the people he’s closest with, who will equally divide the cost of the gift given to him.

Very often, when organising this type of event, the efforts of several participants are combined with the risk of getting confused, and consequently not finding ideas for an original bachelor party. This is why the best solution is to rely on professionals who know how to give you advice and help you organise the event in the best possible way.

In this article, I want to give you some tips. So now take a pen and a paper and write down these bachelor party ideas! 👇


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Things to do for a bachelor party

The bachelor party is the moment when friends and groomsmen enter the scene. In order to be able to organise a fun and successful party, it is necessary to consider a few preliminary measures. Among them, it is important to choose only guests who are familiar with the bridegroom and who know his tastes, so as to avoid organising an unpleasant party that he might not like.

If the groom-to-be likes to have a quiet time and is a fan of good food and art, a mini-vacation including some food and wine activities in one of Italy’s beautiful art cities could be organised (if the budget allows).

Equally important is to choose a date that is suitable for everyone and that is neither too far nor too close to the wedding date, so that the groom-to-be does not arrive tired on his wedding day. For this reason, the best date to celebrate the bachelor party is the weekend before the wedding.

As written above, the bachelor party will be paid by the organisers, so first of all you need to figure out the amount of money. Obviously, you can organise a nice event even with a budget that is not exaggerated, up to more important figures, depending on the type of party you want to have. A good organisational choice could be to set a budget beforehand or divide the expense at the end of the party. But the most important thing is that you do it for the pleasure of it, not only to respect tradition.

For the surprise party to be successful, it is important to keep the celebrated as much in the dark as possible about the theme of the evening or weekend, but also about the destination. To make the party even more memorable, jokes and gadgets such as T-shirts with funny words on them addressed to the groom-to-be, referring to his new condition, are a must.


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Once the celebrated tastes have been checked, the guest list has been drawn up, the necessary funds for the party have been collected and everyone is available for the date, all that remains is to find the right idea for an alternative, fun and original party, perhaps with a well-defined theme. If the celebrated loves sport, sporty themed bachelor parties are very entertaining examples.


Awesome bachelor party ideas

There are indeed many activities and solutions to organise an original bachelor party. Follow me to find out which ones are the most unusual and discover useful tips for planning the event, which you can make even more memorable by including a food and wine theme in all the activities listed!


1. Events in the vineyard or wine cellar

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If the groom-to-be is a fan of wine and good food, and would like to spend a day outdoors to celebrate the bachelor party, there are several activities you can do. You could organise a dinner or lunch in a vineyard toasting with an excellent glass of wine, have a wine tasting in one of the best wineries in Italy, take a peaceful walk through the vineyards and have a picnic. Or if you have more than one day available, you could organise a wine tour of several wineries, where you can learn all the secrets of wine, discover the production process and enjoy excellent food while tasting some of the best wines.


2. Cooking classes

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If you want to surprise your friend, who is about to take the big step, by giving him or her a different experience, one that is both instructive and cheerful among pans and cookers, you could organise a personalised cookery course with professionals in the field. These experts will reveal secrets and recipes to create unforgettable memories while cooking the bachelor’s favourite dishes together. This culinary adventure will culminate in a final tasting, allowing everyone to savour a unique and flavoursome moment with their friends while celebrating an original bachelor party together.


3. Chocolate classes

This course is perfect if you want to give the future groom a delicious and unique experience, exploring the culture of chocolate. You’ll embark on a journey of a thousand flavours alongside a chocolate expert, who will guide you through every step in a laboratory setting. Starting from the theoretical phase of cocoa fruit harvesting to the various processing stages to obtain the finished product, you will then move on to the practical phase, creating different types of chocolates to savour together or take away as souvenirs… But be mindful of your blood sugar levels!


4. Cocktail evening

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Another idea to celebrate an ultimate bachelor party is to organize an evening with friends, sipping cocktails and enjoying snacks. To make the party more unique, you can choose music and a dress code that align with the party theme, and play various drinking games. An example of a game is the famous quiz about the life of the guest of honour, with fictional options mixed in with real ones. The more entertaining the answers, the more laughter there will be. By the end of the evening, the future groom will certainly regret having “crazy” friends as companions, but you will have brought a big smile to his face!


5. Sports bachelor party

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If the groom is a great lover of physical activity and adventure, you and the rest of the guests could organize a lively day of fun.

There are several experiences to consider, from truffle hunting to various sports such as rafting, where you can descend the rapids of a river on a raft. Alternatively, hiking and rock climbing are options for the celebrant if they enjoy challenges, or snorkeling to discover the wonders of the sea. Another option could be to choose a tour, such as cycling, quad biking, or horseback riding, to explore breathtaking landscapes.

For those who crave excitement, organising an adrenaline-fuelled experience will be a winning choice. You can choose between a bungee jumping leap, where you throw yourself into the void attached to an elastic cord, or a paragliding flight to give the future groom a unique and unforgettable thrill.


6. Staying at an agriturismo

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Celebrating a bachelor party doesn’t always mean wild nights. If the celebrant loves relaxation and nature, you can organize a stay at a countryside agriturismo, preferably with a swimming pool for a refreshing dip, and a wellness centre offering massages, thermal showers, and yoga classes. This will allow the groom-to-be to unwind and find peace after the stressful period of wedding preparations.

Of course, no respectable agriturismo can be without good food! So, make sure the agriturismo where you plan to organise the bachelor party has a kitchen that caters to the tastes of both the celebrant and the other participants.


7. Weekend in a city of art or at the seaside

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If you and the other guests have some free time and the groom loves to travel, you could opt for a weekend or week-long trip, depending on the budget, focusing on art in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities or hidden gems. You can stroll through monuments, squares, and streets, admire the history and art in churches and palaces, savour local products, and discover the customs and traditions of the place, collecting unforgettable moments to share with friends.

Another original idea, if you want to gift the future groom a relaxing beach getaway before the big day, is to organize a beach-themed bachelor party in Italy. The peninsula offers infinite possibilities and marvellous landscapes, from the stunning beaches of Sardinia to the quaint bays of the Amalfi Coast.


8. Wellness Stay

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A bachelor party doesn’t always have to be synonymous with wild celebrations. Sometimes, simple things are the best, especially when done in good company.

To ensure the groom-to-be relaxes and eliminates stress, you can organise a different kind of bachelor party by staying at a spa that offers various wellness treatments, including massages, thermal showers, and yoga classes. Spend an evening of total relaxation, perhaps toasting with a flute of prosecco and enjoying finger fruits to make the atmosphere more lively and enjoyable.


9. Amusement park or theme park

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If the celebrant still enjoys playing and you want to bring out the child in him, you can organise a bachelor party at an amusement park. It’s a perfect place to release tension on roller coasters and spend carefree and entertaining days with friends.

Italy is home to some of the most beautiful amusement parks in the world, such as Gardaland and Mirabilandia. A great idea would be to choose a park located in an area that also offers a variety of dining options, so you can enjoy a culinary evening and extend the fun into the late hours.

10. Sports or music events

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Attending a concert of the groom’s favourite singer or an important sports event is often an experience that remains permanently etched in our memory. Therefore, an original idea would be to organise a bachelor party by taking the future groom to such an event if he enjoys this type of activity. Otherwise, he may not have as much fun and risk getting bored.

For concerts, I recommend checking various certified websites online to find and purchase tickets with the best seats. For sports events, you can visit an online portal that covers all sports disciplines and choose the event that the celebrant would enjoy the most.


11. Bachelor party weekend ideas abroad

The bachelor party can be the perfect occasion to treat yourself and your friends to a weekend abroad, filled with fun or relaxation, depending on the celebrant’s preferences. To organise this type of activity effectively, it’s crucial to book the flights, hotel, and, if necessary, a rental car in advance.

Planning the overseas stay down to the smallest detail is important if you want to give the future groom unforgettable moments. One piece of advice I can give you is to limit the guest list to 6 or 7 people, involving the two witnesses and the closest friends. Naturally, organising an overseas trip for 30 people would make the logistics more challenging to manage.

Once you’ve selected the list of participants, ensure that they all have valid passports and choose the most suitable destination. Some popular options include:

  • Ibiza, considered the most festive island in all of Europe.
  • Prague, a city that mixes both culture and wild fun at affordable prices.
  • Amsterdam, where you’ll find everything and more, from museums to trendy clubs and, above all, lots of beer.
  • Las Vegas. If you have a big budget, this is the perfect entertainment destination. Considered the city of sin, where you can celebrate an absolutely unforgettable bachelor party.


Here we come to the end of our guide, where you can discover the best activities for an original bachelor party. But before you choose the most suitable one to surprise the future groom, remember that with Italia Delight, you have the opportunity to organise holidays and gastronomic activities in Italy that suit you best! Now I can only wish you a great trip and lots of fun! 😍


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