How to make a gift for travel lovers?
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A gift for travel lovers is certainly an original way of showing your affection for someone… But how to make the best gifts for travel lovers? In this guide, you will discover many gift ideas for travel lovers!


“People don’t take trips, trips take people”, said John Ernst Steinbeck.

And it is from this quote that you can understand the importance of travelling and how enriching these experiences can be.

If you’re thinking of a gift, there’s no better way than giving a trip! Because it is a memory that lives forever and satisfies everyone’s tastes, especially in Italy: the home of wines, traditional local foods, natural parks, sports and many museums.


give the gift of travel


Giving the gift of a trip is a far greater demonstration of appreciation and gratitude than a material gift. If you think about it, material gifts have a very short life span, whether it is a piece of clothing or a piece of technology, both are constantly changing and it is very easy to get bored of them.

Whether it’s for a friend, a relative or your partner, giving a trip that exactly matches your wishes is never easy. It takes a lot of thought, and this thought is also part of the gift itself, as a continuous thought to make the recipient as happy as possible.

In this guide, I will try to help you choose the best gifts for travel lovers, taking into account budget, dates and type of travel. What are you waiting for? Give the gift of travel!


How to make a gift for travel lovers?

First of all, you need to find out who this gift is for and what your relationship is with this person. If it is your partner, it will be easier to choose the destination and you may also be more certain about the dates and their tastes.

This is an ideal situation because you can save money by buying the precise ticket directly. However, you should be careful not to be influenced too much by your own interests. I advise you to check with friends of the lucky person to be sure about the destination.


gift of travel


On the other hand, if you are looking for the perfect gift for travelers with whom you are not too familiar, you must ensure that the trip remains very customisable. I will explain how to do this In the following paragraphs, I will explain how to choose the best gift for a traveller who are not familiar with!

As well as working out which type of option is most appropriate, it is important to establish a budget from the outset. A myth needs to be dispelled here: when you are giving away a holiday for two or more people, it is not true that you have to spend a lot!

There are plenty of gift ideas for travel lovers for very little money. All you have to do is be original and creative and you’ll see that the trip you give will be unique and unforgettable.


Gift ideas for travelers (on a limited budget)

“Travelling is never about money, it’s about courage” said Paolo Coelho… And you, do you think you are brave? Travelling nowadays has become really easy and cheap, you just need good organisation and constant attention to ticket prices!

If you are not bound by any specific dates, I recommend booking from Tuesday to Thursday. According to statistics, these are the cheapest days, especially for morning tickets. If you have been thinking about a holiday for a long time, November is definitely the cheapest month to travel, compared to August which is the most expensive.

Apart from that, it is always useful to keep an eye on ticket prices frequently, especially if you are going to be part of the trip you are planning to give away. In fact, several tickets are discounted every day and with just a few euros you can choose give a trip for two or more people as a present.


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Travel by train rather than plane! The train has many advantages, including convenience and flexibility. But above all, it brings you right into the centre of town, saving you money on transport between the airport and your accommodation.

Also keep in mind that choosing gifts for people who travel doesn’t necessarily mean going far. If you think about it, even a simple one-night trip out of town in the mountains or a wine tasting can give you incredible emotions. It could be an opportunity to try an unusual experience, such as our sensory analysis of rice!


The best gifts for travel lovers without dates

You can give the gift of travel either with the dates already in mind or without knowing anything about which dates would be most suitable. If you are considering the best gifts for a traveler in this situation, don’t worry! A travel gift voucher will solve all your problems.

For those who don’t know, a travel voucher is a package that allows the recipient to flexibly choose the date and type of travel. There are nice gift ideas for frequent travelers, don’t you think?

It could be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Imagine a romantic dinner in Venice along the Grand Canal or a two-night beach getaway.


gifts for people who travel


A voucher is also ideal for a graduation gift, where students often do not know exactly when they will be able to travel, but it is also suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and much more.

Giving a travel voucher is extremely simple: you just need to contact our customer service and set your budget. You can also provide advice on the recipient’s tastes, so the Expert will create a tailor-made trip! The lucky person can then decide on the most suitable period of time and is free to modify the trip to suit their tastes.


Advantages of giving a trip without dates

As I mentioned before, the customisable dates are one of the big advantages. What’s more, the vouchers control price fluctuations according to season, which can be extremely convenient!

But the advantages don’t end there: thanks to the travel voucher, you can book everything without having to leave your doorstep, easily, digitally and flexibly. Just one click and it’s done!

These special gift ideas for travellers are also ideal for lazy people who need a little help getting their nose out of the door, so they can enjoy unique experiences. If they love cooking, they can learn how to make local dishes, take part in a cookery course, wine tasting, truffle hunting and much more.


gift ideas for travellers


On the other hand, if you would like to give a travel voucher to a sports and nature lover, we offer any type of excursion, from a cycling tour along the Ligurian coast to horse riding in Umbria. What are you waiting for? Give the gift of travel directly from our website!


How can I give the gift of a complete holiday?

First of all, you have to decide how carefully you want to organise your holiday. Here it is up to you to decide, the best idea would be to create a list of must-do stops, including museums, restaurants, shopping centres, and then leave it up to the recipient to decide when and if to visit them.

While choosing a gift for travel lovers, another idea would be to organise and book each activity. I would recommend this if you will also be part of the trip and you already know very well what their interests are. Here the recipient will feel relaxed, but it is a very risky choice!

Why risky? Because you will always have to consider the timetable of each activity and try to match everything, including transport schedules. My suggestion is not to accumulate too many experiences. A holiday with your timetable already set could be stressful. Besides, holidays never go as planned.

Also make sure that the recipient of the gift has a card enabled for withdrawals! This is essential if you are travelling abroad, but is also useful in Italy. If the recipient is a person who doesn’t travel much, their card may not be authorised for all ATMs. To solve this problem, you could create a prepaid card to include with the gift.

Try to book your travel lover gifts at least 2 months in advance and include free cancellation where possible. No matter how well you’ve organised everything, the unexpected can still happen to make the trip go away.


What kind of gift ideas for travel lovers can I choose?

Italy is undoubtedly the ideal destination for a trip. It is the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with 55 incredible places to visit.

In addition to endless wine tasting, mountain tours and beautiful beaches, Italy has other unique gems to offer, and I’m talking about the Italian cities. All over the peninsula there are a number of towns and villages that seem to be getting more and more charming as time goes by.

Among the unmissable cities, I cannot fail to mention Naples, the heart of Italian art and cuisine, Rome, the city of seven hills that tells the story of Italy, Florence, with its Renaissance architecture and art masterpieces, Venice, Genoa and many others.


best gifts for travel lovers


But, if you are choosing unique gifts for people who love to travel, in addition to the great Italian cities that make Italy the most beautiful country in the world, we also have other hidden gems waiting to be discovered. I am talking about the many villages of Italy.
In these small villages, time seems to have stood still; these places tell of the life and soul of those who have lived in them over time.

Tiny villages could be the ideal destination for holiday packages to give to friends or relatives, for a holiday dedicated to culture and relaxation, staying in historic houses or in farmhouses with swimming pools and spa.

So if you are looking for a gift travel is the right choice! Through our platform you can customise your holiday package to your liking. We will provide you with a free, personalised, digital greeting card to give the lucky person a truly incomparable experience.

Do you also think that a voucher is the best solution? You can choose a gift for travel lovers from the comfort of our website. 🧳

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