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Between ancient castles and towns in Molise

Upper Molise is one of the territories that best preserves rural landscape and culture. We are in the province of Isernia, in the inland area of Molise in a territory that stretches between mountains and prairies, where it is still possible to hear birds singing.

It is also an area rich in amazing places to visit for their beautiful landscapes and their archaeological sites. During this tour, you will visit the most interesting tourist attractions near Venafro. You will be guests in one of the most prestigious historical houses in the region, the “Dimora del Prete”.

 Private Tour: 2 people – duration 4 days /3 nights

Price per person: from € 360

  Customise this tour directly with the Local Expert who organises this tour in Upper Molise.

Where Venafro, Monteroduni, Pescolanciano, Vastogirardi, Cerro al Volturno and Fornelli
When All year round
Tour itinerary includes Nature, food & wine, history
Not included International flights

Day 1: Venafro

Accommodation and breakfast at the charming historic Residence “Dimora del Prete”.

Visited: Venafro
Included: Accommodation at the historic house “Dimora Del Prete” and breakfast


Day 2: Venafro and Monteroduni

After breakfast you will start your excursion from Venafro towards castles and specialties of Molise: olive oil and wine.

You’ll immerse yourself in the history of Castello Pandone, a beautiful fortress surrounded by olive trees. In the halls of the castle there is the Region National Museum with the exhibition of paintings,  frescoes, sculptures, drawings and prints dating from the Middle Ages to the Baroque.

Walking through the characteristic streets of the town, you can reach the Parco dell’Olivo (Olive Park), the only thematic area in the world dedicated to olive trees with ancient paths and dry-stone walls, place of residence of the most important patricians of Ancient Rome.

At lunch you will taste the culinary tradition of Venafro at the picturesque “Cascina  Le Noci”.

In the afternoon you will visit Monteroduni, to discover the history of Prince Giovanni Pignatelli and his noble family, visiting the magnificent castle surrounded by olive groves and centuries-old vineyards.

Then you can go down into the valley, once owned by the Prince to discover the production methods of the two distinctive elements of Molise gastronomy: extra virgin olive oil and wine. It will be a great experience in the wine making progress. In particular, you will discover Tintilia, which is an ancient vine native to Molise.

In the evening, free dinner and accommodation in the “Dimora del Prete”.

Visited: Venafro and Monteroduni
Included: Lunch at the “Le Noci” farmstead, accommodation at the “Dimora del Prete” historical residence and breakfast


Day 3: Pescolanciano, Vastogirardi and Cerro al Volturno

After breakfast, you will reach Pescolanciano, a small village in Upper Molise, which developed in the Norman era around the imposing D’Alessandro Castle. It is among the most beautiful villages in Molise.

Next, you’ll go to Vastogirardi, one of the smallest villages in Molise, but surely one of the most beautiful ones! The village surrounds the Ancient Medieval Castle, unique in Molise being a enclosed castle. Crossing the main door, you enter a circular building nucleus, a sort of  village in a village constituted by the ancient walls, the ancient feudal residence and the church of San Nicola.

Not far away, in Sant’Angelo, there is a small archaeological site with the ruins of a Samnite temple dating back to the II century BC.

At lunch you will move to Cerro al Volturno, where you can enjoy traditional local dishes at Casale De’ Farrocco; in the afternoon the visit will continue with the striking Castle.

The origin of the castle dates back to the X century, during the Lombard domination, while the present arrangement is the result of the will of the Pandone family who, around the XV century, considerably enlarged the whole complex.

Visited: Pescolanciano, Vastogirardi, Cerro al Volturno
Included: Typical lunch at the Casale De’ Farrocco, accommodation at the historic residence “Dimora del Prete” and breakfast


Day 4: A walk with the donkeys

This morning, after breakfast, you will reach Fornelli for an exciting slow excursion. If you are looking for relaxation, good company and enchanted landscapes, travel with us! Together with Serena and her four-legged friends Spriz, Stella, Petunia and Ottone.

A day for both children and adults where activities are carried out outdoors in full contact with nature. The animal is the donkey: a valuable companion for lovely days. The route starts from the enchanting village of Fornelli and is a 4 km walk (about a/r) through the Fornelli area.

For children it will be a unique way to discover nature and its animal friends. For adults the walk can be a way to resume the slow pace and enjoy the view.

The route will be marked by the donkey pass, the timing of the animal and it’s needs. This allows us to enjoy time away from the usual routine. The walk will end at approximately 1 p.m..

After this enthusiastic donkey ride, there will be a tasty lunch at a typical charming restaurant in Fornelli. In the late afternoon, departure for home.

Visited: Fornelli
Included: Donkey walk and typical lunch in the enchanting village of Fornelli


molise tour


What’s included:
3 overnight stays and breakfast at the Residence Dimora del Prete di Belmonte
Typical lunch on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day
Donkey ride
Assistance from the agency 24/7
What’s not included: 
Tour guides
Entrance tickets to museums and monuments
All not expressly mentioned in the “what’s included” section


Price per person: from € 360 – minimum 2 people

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  • 100% upon reservation

Cancellation policy: 

  • 10% penality for cancellations made at least 10 days before the date of the tour
  • 100% penality for cancellations made at less than 10 days before the date of the tour

We recommend to subscribe an insurance policy that covers any penalties in case of cancellation of this tour in Upper Molise. Read the Terms and Conditions of Italia Delight (art. 11).

What’s included:

  • 3 overnight stays and breakfast at the Residence Dimora del Prete di Belmonte
  • Typical lunch on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day
  • Donkey ride
  • Assistance from the agency 24/7

What’s not included:

  • Tour Guides
  • Entrance tickets to museums and monuments
  • Transport
  • All not expressly mentioned in the “what’s included” section


My name is Angela and I have been working in the tourism sector for about 30 years. Since 2000 I have owned my own tour operator based in Campobasso. Years of professionalism that allow me to advise you on the best solutions to ensure you an unforgettable stay.

During my career, I have always tried to promote my territory, the Molise Region, which in my opinion has a lot to offer to all those who want an “alternative” holiday to enjoy unique experiences. From day tours to customised tourist packages, for individuals or groups, in order to best satisfy your desires.

Price per person:

From € 360,00 for a minimum of two people

To send a trip enquiry, contact the local Expert who organises this tour.


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