Let’s discover together the Onano lentils, one of the Italian traditional foods that are still little known around the world… Do you know about the lentils from Onano? They are famous legumes from the Upper Tuscia area in Lazio! Although they are still little known

Pesto genovese: history of pesto and traditional pesto sauce recipe What is pesto? What is pesto made of? Let’s discover together with Laura Bullio, Sommelier and Food Ambassador of Italia Delight, the Pesto genovese, the second pasta sauce in the world, which must be used

From the Genoese tradition a fragrant elixir that is good for the “heart”, but also for the lungs It is not known why the tradition of working with rose petals developed in Genoa, where fresh rose petals are used not only to make rose syrup,

Pistachio, a delight for the palate to be enjoyed on your next trip to Sicily! Pistachio, Bronte’s green gold, represents a great economic resource for Sicily. Much of the credit goes to the locals, who have been able to discover the real value of the

Let’s discover the original tagliatelle recipe and the local variations!   Tagliatelle are one of the most popular pasta dishes in Italy. They are a traditional type of pasta from central Italy and owe their name to the shape: they are in fact narrow strips

The best Italian Christmas desserts you need to try in the most wonderful time of the year!   Christmas desserts are an integral part of Christmas tradition in many countries. Italy offers a wide range of Christmas desserts, both artisanal and industrial, all characterised by

Trentino wines are made from the greatest passion for viticulture…   Thanks to the local climate and the vineyards that stretch from the Lake Garda to the Cembra Valley, Trentino grows incomparable native wine grapes. The area on which the production of local wine is

What is Parmigiano Reggiano? Parmigiano Reggiano is a hard cheese that is made with three simple ingredients: raw milk, calf rennet and salt. The milk cannot be subjected to heat treatments and additives are not allowed. All the milk introduced into the dairy must comply

Let’s discover together properties and tasty recipes based on rice and pumpkin, two delicious seasonal products… September is the month when rice is harvested, but also the period when the first pumpkins are harvested, so it will not be difficult to taste a pumpkin risotto

There are many rice varieties in Italy. Let’s find out more about Italian rice and sensory analysis of rice   How many rice varieties exist? In Italy? And in the world? The starting point is undoubtably to learn more about the two main rice varieties,