Bronte Pistachio Pasta
pasta con pesto di pistacchio

Are you looking for quick and easy recipes? The Bronte Pistachio Pasta is perfect for summer and lends itself to delicious variations!


Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world: it is appreciated for both the quality of its ingredients and its traditional recipes. The Italian food culture is also characterised by a great variety of Italian traditional dishes: the different regional ingredients are used perfectly while cooking these delicious Italian regional dishes.

In particular with regard to food and wine, Sicily is one of the most appreciated Italian regions thanks to its tasty products and simple recipes. This land offers many unique and incredible Sicilian specialities.

There are so many easy and tasty recipes that can be prepared at home. A very famous and delicious Sicilian ingredient that you can use at home to prepare delicious dishes is pistachio.

So here is a short guide on how to cook a traditional Sicilian food: the pistachio pesto pasta.

Here then you will find quick and easy pistachio pesto recipes for making pasta dishes using Pistacchio di Bronte DOP, so as to make the most of one of Sicily’s best-loved products.


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Bronte Pistachio Pasta

To cook the pistachio pasta, it is necessary to use some ingredients as well as to follow some specific but extremely simple steps.

So here is what you need to cook this traditional Sicilian dish with Bronte pistachios.


pistachio pesto pasta recipe


_ Difficulty: low
_ Preparation time: 20 minutes



  • Bavette 300 g
  • 1 jar of Bronte pistachio pesto PDO (190 g)
  • 100 g of fresh ricotta
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Olive oil
  • salt


How to cook the pistachio pasta & make pistachio sauce:

How is pistachio pesto made? And how to use the pistachio sauce recipe while cooking?

  • The first thing to do while cooking the pistachio pasta is to boil the water and cook the pasta.
  • Meanwhile, proceed with the preparation of the pistachio cream sauce: take a pan and mix the fresh ricotta and Bronte pistachios. Add a little cooking water from the pasta to obtain a soft sauce.
  • Now, you just have to drain the pasta and pour it into the pan where the Bronte Pistachio sauce was previously prepared.
  • Serve the Bronte pistachio pasta with a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

The preparation time of this tasty recipe varies according to the cooking time of your pasta. Generally, however, the time needed to cook the pistachio pasta is around a maximum of 20 minutes, after which you can serve your guests this delicious traditional Sicilian food.


Pistachio pasta variations

Now that you have learnt how to use pistachio pesto, you just have to try your hand at the most imaginative and original pistachio pesto recipes.

If you are looking for new pasta recipes, you need to know that there are many pasta variations that you can make with pistachio pesto.


Bronte pistachio cream


Among the most interesting ones, there is the pasta with pistachio pesto and bacon or the pasta with shrimp and pistachio pesto. The first is a simple and quick Sicilian dish that is based on the pistachio pesto pasta recipe described above with the addition of bacon. This ingredient makes the dish even tastier and tastier. One aspect to pay attention to is to mix the Bronte pistachio cream with the bacon. If you prefer, you can also cook this recipe with speck.

But that’s not all… You can also add another ingredient to enrich your pistachio pesto pasta even more: it’s tomato. In fact, you should know that one of the most popular recipes in Italy is the one with Bronte pistachios and cherry tomatoes. Pistachio pesto blends perfectly with this vegetable. For all these dishes, you can use both short pasta, such as penne or fusilli, but also long pasta such as spaghetti and tagliatelle.

Another interesting alternative coming from Sicilian cuisine consists in the use of shrimp. The dish is a magnificent combination of flavours and aromas. In this quick and easy recipes, we recommend the use of long pasta such as spaghetti and linguine.

To finish, here is a last tip to cook a tasty alternative to the traditional pistachio pesto pasta recipe. By using the cream, it is possible to obtain a tastier pasta sauce.
You can then cook the pistachio pesto pasta with cream and shrimp or even the pistachio pesto pasta with cream and speck.


Nutritional properties & pistachio benefits

Pistachios are the type of dried fruit that is richer in nutritional properties. For this reason, they are very important for our health and for the well-being of our body.

Thanks to their unique flavour, they are used in the kitchen to cook dishes such as the pistachio pesto pasta, but also as a snack or aperitif. If consumed occasionally to mantain a balanced diet, pistachios are in fact a real cure-all. In addition, there are many recipes that can be cooked with this type of dried fruit. In addition to first and second courses, pistachios are also widely used for desserts such as the pistachio cake recipes.


Bronte pistachios


Pistachios are eaten and appreciated throughout the year. They help fight stress by stimulating good mood. The presence of mineral salts such as potassium means that their consumption brings important benefits, also thanks to the presence of different types of vitamins (especially vitamin A but also B, C and E).
It is also very important the fact that pistachios can help fight bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of incurring cardiovascular disease. The potassium contained in this fruit lowers the pressure, providing support for those suffering from hypertension.

The central nervous system is also supported by the vitamin B, which is contained in pistachios: this vitamin stimulates the presence of myelin, a substance that is of fundamental importance for the brain as it supports the nerve fibers in the exchange of information.


Discover Bronte Pistachios

If you want to discover and taste Bronte Pistachios, one of the most incredible Sicilian products, we recommend an unforgettable experience.

On your next trip to this magnificent island, you cannot miss a tour to find out more about Bronte pistachio or a cooking class in Sicily. You will immerse yourself in an uncontaminated environment on the slopes of Mount Etna, where you will be able to discover the values and cultural meanings that the cultivation of Bronte pistachios has in the Etna region.

Thanks to a walk in the countryside, you will learn about the cultivation techniques and see where Bronte pistachio grows. Afterwards, the farm visit continues inside to show you how Bronte pistachios are transformed. All this is done with artisanal techniques, respecting the Sicilian tradition and the raw ingredients. This guided tour takes place in Bronte in the province of Catania and lasts about an hour in total. At the end, you will also taste Bronte Pistachio PDO.


Pistachio pesto pasta recipe


Alternatively, you can join an interesting Sicilian cooking class organised in the same farm. First, you will take a walk in the countryside to collect the pistachios that you will then use in the kitchen and to discover the mail cultivation methods of Bronte Pistachios.

All immersed in this uncontaminated environment on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna. Once back in the farm, you will be involved in a practical cooking lesson. You will cook a traditional Sicilian dish under the careful guidance of an expert cook: these are quick and easy recipes that you can also make at home. You can use your “new expertise” to cook delicious dishes for your friends and relatives, such as the pistachio pasta that we have just told you about in this article!

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