Let’s find out how to make sushi at home with the tastiest Italian-style sushi recipes and sushi fillings! How do you make sushi at home? It is easy to make sushi on your own! You just need to know how to choose the right rice

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Let’s try today risotto with edible flowers, perfect for spring! Our lawns and gardens begin to fill with spring flowers. In compliance with the appeal of doctors and institutions not to leave home (the motto must always be #iorestoacasa), with the Italian website dedicated to

Time for rice and beans! Let’s discover two traditional Piedmont recipes   The eternal disputes about Paniscia from Novara and Panissa from Vercelli involves two protagonists of the winter tables in Upper Piedmont: rice and beans. Risotto.us, the Italian website dedicated to risotto, with almost

Detox diet after the holidays? Get back in shape with the celery risotto!   They call it “negative low-calorie food”, since the calories taken by eating it are consumed with the energy used to chew and digest it. Celery, a winter vegetable, is therefore perfect

Risotto with broccoli, a tasty and healthy recipe for autumn!   Broccoli, or rather the “broccoli cabbage”, along with the whole large Cabbage family, the Cruciferae (including the cabbage, turnip tops, cauliflower, Roman broccoli – the so-called “broccolo romanesco”- and Brussels sprouts) is definitely an

Risotto for all seasons: let’s discover the autumn recipes   We are in the season of warm colours: orange, yellow, red, brown. Autumn, with its typical ingredients, also changes the colour of risotto, offering tasty and at the same time healthy recipes. Regarding risotto, the

Let’s discover together properties and tasty recipes based on rice and pumpkin, two delicious seasonal products… September is the month when rice is harvested, but also the period when the first pumpkins are harvested, so it will not be difficult to taste a pumpkin risotto

There are many rice varieties in Italy. Let’s find out more about Italian rice and sensory analysis of rice   How many rice varieties exist? In Italy? And in the world? The starting point is undoubtably to learn more about the two main rice varieties,