The best Italian wines, national heritage to be discovered! Italy is a country with a great food and wine culture: some of the best Italian wines are produced in different regions of Italy and they have become wordwide famous. The reason for the success of

How the wine harvest takes place and where to enjoy this magical experience in Italy The wine harvest is the moment when the grapes destined for winemaking are finally harvested. However, this is not a simple production process, but a real ritual that brings with

Are you looking for quick and easy recipes? The pistachio pesto pasta is perfect for summer and lends itself to delicious variations Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world: it is appreciated for both the quality of its ingredients and its

History and curiosities about the world of Italian gin: how to make gin, types of gin and the best gins in the world… What is Gin made from? Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink based on cereal must left to ferment. Maize, barley and wheat

Some ideas for your food and wine tours in Tuscany…   Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in Italy for food and wine. There are two keywords about Tuscany food: simplicity and taste. Olive oil, truffle, wine and other culinary delights are the

Pistachio, a delight for the palate to be enjoyed on your next trip to Sicily! Pistachio, Bronte’s green gold, represents a great economic resource for Sicily. Much of the credit goes to the locals, who have been able to discover the real value of the

Matera: an open-air show!   Matera is an amazing city in Southern Italy that can be called an “open-air show”. Its particular shape makes it an enchanted scenery, so much that it is compared to a beautiful nativity scene. The urban centre, in fact, developed

Ivrea: where it is located, its origins, the ancient and the industrial city   Ivrea is a town located at the foot of the Alps in Piedmont. It has been considered as the capital of Canavese, a territorial area north of Turin, since ancient times.

Olive harvest in Sicily: a journey between nature and art… Sicily is one of the Italian regions that offers many high quality foods, including Sicilian olives. A land rich in colours, flavours and aromas: it boasts a very long history regarding the olive harvest! Where to

Let’s discover the original tagliatelle recipe and the local variations!   Tagliatelle are one of the most popular pasta dishes in Italy. They are a traditional type of pasta from central Italy and owe their name to the shape: they are in fact narrow strips